Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I was recently involved with an on-line devotional. If any of you would like to spread some love and have others pray for and with you; I would encourage each of my bloggers to check out Heart to Heart with Holley.

You will find her blog site at: http://holley.dayspring.com/

e-mail her: holleyg@dayspring.com

Check it out...wonderful. You will find an abundance of bloggers that share their blog address...some are so meaningful.

They are Dayspring Devotional e-mails. These were some things we all shared: "Rest of your Story" and "Out of Insecurity." And now we are doing a prayer chain called "P. S." Pray and Share, which will be only on Sundays.

What I learned was; no matter how bad you think your problems are there are others out there that are hurting just as much or more. We were encouraged to pray for one another every time we posted. Thank-you Holley for FINDING me.

I have several blogs, but this one is the one for my inspirational books I am reading. I just started this one because of Holley's devotional emails. I have lots of books and poems that will lift you up, on my other blog that I have not put on here yet.

The bookcase blog is listed below:


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