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My youngest daughter who is very devout in her faith bought this book for me as a gift for my birthday March 2, 2001; after my dad passed away a few days before, with the following message:

"My prayer for you, mom, is that as you celebrate your first birthday without your earthly father...God will draw you near to Him and comfort you in the way that only our Heavenly Father can..."

This book has been used many times since then to search for words of wisdom from our Savior. I would highly recommend this book. The back cover leaves you wanting to search inside for all His wisdom. Below are her words about this book:

" Do you long to feel close to God but don't know why? Do you ever wonder if intimacy is reserved for those who work harder or try to please Him more?"

"A close relationship with the Lord is far simpler than you may imagine, because He desires intimacy with you, as well. In fact, He offers it to you as a precious need only to receive it. Intimacy isn't a reward for our behavior, but simply a gift...undeserved and straight from the Father's heart. The key to intimacy with God is knowing that He longs to be with us far more than we long to be with Him. Imagine the Father God holding you as close as a daddy holds his precious daughter...and unlike an earthly parent, the Lord's love is perfect in every way."

Makes you want to run out and buy the book, huh?

I would also like to share an assignment from one of my creative writing classes, about my dad. Below is that paper I turned in:

Assignment: Get a copy of the local paper and outline a fictional or non- fictional article and then write a story about it.

I found an article by Mitch Albom; author of several wonderful little books. The one in the paper was an excerpt from his latest, For One More Day. In it he asks, "If you had one more day to spend with someone who is gone, who would it be and what would you do?"

This was my story:

The construction crew seemed to have many excuses for not having the new house finished: weather, supplies, carpenters, etc. The house was an unsafe place to be. A wooden plank led from the yard into the house. Rain had left many areas in the yard unsafe for walking. Would they ever finish?

One day on the way to see how the construction was coming along, I dropped in to visit my dad at the rest home, where he had been for almost a year.

"How's the house coming along?" asked my dad.

"They will be finished soon," I said.

"I want to see it!"

"It's not safe to go yet. It won't be long."

"You've been saying that for months now, why can't I see it?"

"Papa, the moving company should have everything moved by the first part of June; that will be a good time to see it... only a few months away."

June never came for Papa. He died unexpectedly. We buried him March 1, 2001.

Mitch Albom asks, "If you had one more day to spend with someone who is gone, who would it be and what would you do?"

If I had one more day to spend with my dad, we would pick up his favorite meal of catfish and have a picnic in my backyard...just the 2 of us.

A statue of St. Francis, the Saint of small animals, stands in my flower garden...a gift from my dad. I am not catholic but, in my garden I feel dad's presence and cherish memories of him. I have lost my best friend.

I had several comments from several of the students in the class. Here are some of those comments:

1. I like this, it touched me and made me think about my dad. I knew immediately what I would do with him...he was an avid golfer and I also love the game. He and I would find a beautiful course and play until dark.
2. How often we long to go back and do things with those who have departed from our lives. We seem to say 'tomorrow.'
3. Tissue warning needed on this story. Touching and full of truths we should pay attention to.
4.This made me cry. I think it's impossible to read without thinking of people we'd like to see again.
5. This is powerful! My old beagle died last week, and I thought , if only we could have gone hunting one more time. A friend told me one time that you can tell you really love someone if you'd want to spend not only their last day with them, but yours as well.
6. Instructor: You've written a warm and touching story. The dialogue brought it all to life. What a good reminder to cherish each day with the people we love.

Luke 12:15:.. A man's life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.

The secret of happiness is not what we possess; but of what we have in Christ. closing, I am thankful that He gave me my earthly father as my best friend.

It will help your disposition,
It will brighten up your face;
If you stop to count your blessings
And appreciate God's grace.
By I. Honey

Would you care to comment on the story above or on any of Mitch Albom's books?
What about this wonderful book, When the Father Holds you Close?

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